Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Work Study Equipment


A stopwatch is the equipment used to measure the amount of time elapsed from a particular time when activated to when it is deactivated. Digital electronics stopwatch is much more accurate than the mechanical stopwatch due to its crystal oscillator timing element.

This digital stopwatch has a jumbo display feature with digits 3/8" high, showing minutes, seconds, and 100ths of seconds. It times up to 30 minutes. It has time-out and accumulation features as well as a start/stop reset button. When it is not in stopwatch mode, it serves as a compact digital clock, showing hours, minutes, seconds, a.m. or p.m., day, and date. It continues to keep accurate time even when using the unit as a stopwatch. So, whenever you leave stopwatch mode, the unit will show the correct time of day. It runs on a single AA battery which will last more than a year. The unobtrusive black high-impact plastic housing is only 3.5" x 2.4" x .63" thick and the unit weighs only 2.5 ounces.


Stop Watch Mode

     1.     Press the mode button once, to reach stop watch mode from normal mode. The icons SU-
           FR-SA icons will flash when the stopwatch mode activates.
     2.    Activate the elapsed timer by pressing stop/start to start, making the SU-SA icons flash. Stop 
          the timer by pressing start/stop again, making the SU-FR-SA icons flash. Press start/stop to 
          restart, and stop again. Press mode to return to normal mode.
     3.    Activate split time by pressing stop/start to start, making the SU-SA icons flash. Press 
          split/reset to split, making the SU-TH-SA icons flash. Press split/reset to make the split 
          release, making the SU-SA icons flash, and press start/stop again to stop, making the SU-
          FR-SA icons flash. Press split/reset to reset the display. Press mode to return to normal 
     4.    Activate two-competitor timer by pressing the start/stop to start, making the SU-SA icons 
          flash. Press split/reset to split, making the SU-TH-SA icons flash, and press start/stop to stop, 
          making the SU-TH-FR-SA icons flash. Press split/release to make the split release, making 
          the SU-FR-SA icons flash, and press split/release to reset. Press mode to go back to normal 

How to Read??

·         Look at the first two digits on a digital stopwatch. Those numbers represent the minutes used. You can see a digital stopwatch in the picture to the left.
·         Look at the new two larger numbers after the ":" mark. Those numbers are the seconds used.
·         Look at the two smaller numbers after the second. Those numbers move much faster because they are the "hundredths of seconds" used.
·         Combine the number for your full time used. For instance 11:14:01 would be 11 minutes, 14 seconds and 01 hundredths of a second.
·         Some stopwatches also offer "lap" times in which a second button is pressed to measure each "lap" completed. The numbers are read in the exact same manner, however, you may have more than one time displayed. The picture to the left of this step shows a "lap-enabled digital stopwatch"; the bottom time is a combination of all the laps.

Time Study Rater Trainer Form

The time study rater trainer form is generally printed form of standard size which is used to record the data from the experiment so that the data can be filed neatly for reference as required by a well conducted time study.

The form comprises of 6 columns which are as below:

1.    Observation No.: the numbers of cycles to be conducted
2.    Your rating: the given rating according to our observation
3.    Observation time: the amount of actual observed time to be taken for the task
4.    Standard time: the amount of standard observed time for the task
5.    Actual rating: the actual rating according to the table of rating
6.    Difference: the differences between the actual rating and your rating

Table of Rating

Rating is one of the most controversial aspects of time study. It is largely matters of judgement and therefore is a subject of bargaining between management and labor. The work study specialist must have some means of assessing the rate of working of the operator he is observing and relating it to normal pace/performance. So, the table of rating is needed to compare the standard rate of operator with the actual rate of operator.

All these 3 equipments are used in one of the industrial experiments of the industrial engineering laboratory.


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