Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Experiment for Lux Meter

The sun has been our main source of illumination in many aspects of our daily life. However in certain circumstances artificial illumination is used. When an environment involved artificial illumination it is important to make sure that the illumination is designed to give satisfactory illumination level for the user.

Illumination is important because it deals with visibility level, colour and glare. In measuring illumination level, there are several types of quantities units involved. All the quantities are shown in table 1.

Experiment guide
Case A : with 100% light on in the Industrial Engineering lab

      a)      Measure the light intensity at locations A to F at table height.
      b)      Place the sensor facing the light source. Make sure that other group members are kept at a distance from the Lux Meter while measuring.
      c)      Select the suitable range, ( 300Lux, 1000Lux, or 3000Lux )

Case B : with 50% light on :
d)  Follow steps (a) to (c)

Case C :  Measure outdoors’ light intensity. 

Result Table

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