Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Sound Level Meter

A sound level meter is an instrument planned in response to sound around in the same manner like the human ears and provide objective, reproduced to measurements sound pressure level. There much different sound measuring system available. Even though different in detail, each consisting of a microphone system, the processing and read-out unit.

  In experiment that we will do later, the type of sound level meter who we use is the model CENTER 320 series.
 The model specifications are….
·         Mini Size
·         Newly Design Shape
·         Low Cost High Performance
·         MAX/MIN Function
·         Level Range Display  
·         AC  Signal Output
·         Resolution 0.1 dB 
·         IEC 651 Type II
·         Microphone:
   Electric condenser microphone
·         Accuracy:
    ±1.5 dB ( ref 94dB @1KHz )
·         Level Range:
    Low = 35 ~ 80 dB
    Medium = 50 ~ 100 dB
    High = 80 ~ 130 dB
·         Frequency Weighting:
    A , C
·         Time Weighting:
    Fast , Slow
·         Auxiliary Outputs:  
    AC Signal Output
·         Dynamic Range:
    50 dB
·         Frequency Range:
    31.5Hz to 8KHz
·         Battery Type:
   9V Battery NEDA 1604, IEC 6F22, JIS 006P
·         Battery Life: 
    50 hours ( with alkaline battery )
·         Operation Temp.: 
    0ºC~ 40ºC (<80% R.H.)
·         Storage Temp.:
    -10ºC~ 60ºC (<70% R.H.)
·         Dimension: 
    232mm x 54mm x 34mm ( 9.1" x 2.1" x 1.3" )
·         Weight:
    Approx. 200g
·         Accessories:
    Manual, 9V Battery, Calibration Screwdriver, Windscreen

    Methods for using that the instrument we will be explain in procedures experiment later.

    From the instrument, the data that we can obtain is Noise level in a unit dBA and from it, we can get
  permissible time of expose (hour) from OSHA table and effect of noise pressure to human.

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