Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Experiment Title: Stop Watch Time Study

Objective: To determine the standard time of an operation.

Equipment: Product to be assembled, tools for the operation, stopwatch, time
                    study form and table of allowance.

Procedure: 1. Divide the job into elements.
                    2. Conduct the stop watch time study and record the results in the
                        form provided. Record also the observed ratings.
                     3. If using continuous stop watch method, calculate the elemental
                    4. Calculate the number of observations required to achieve 95%
                        confidence level and ± 5% allowance error.
Where N = the number of readings to be determined
                                    n = the number of readings in taken in preliminary study
                                    x = the reading
                   5. Calculate the average rating.
                   6. Calculate the normal time.
                   7. Determine the allowance. (Table 1)
                   8. Calculate the standard time.

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